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1-31-2011 The Day Android Took Over The World!

Canalys, is one of the wireless space research companies that is as reliable in the cell phone industry as NPD, Forrester and Nielsen, has declared Android the biggest selling smartphone OS in the world.

Rim sold 14.6 million units. Apple sold 16.2 million units, Nokia/symbian sold 31.0 and Android sold 33.3 million units in the 4th quarter of 2010.

Canalys attributed the success of the Android OS to high performances by manufacturers HTC and Samsung who, according to Canalys, account for 45% of all Google OS handset shipments.  As the manufacturers have all been declaring their 4th quarter results and end of year results it seems to coincide with Canalys’ data.

The United States was the largest country for smartphone sales in the world. Android was by far the number one selling OS in the United States with 12.1 million devices shipped.   In Europe, Middle East and Africa, a market known as EMEA in marketing and distribution worlds, Nokia/Symbian remained number 1 while interesting enough in Latin America, RIM beat out Symbian

Canalys analysts do predict the landscape in the United States will shift dramatically beginning February 10, 2011 when Verizon starts selling the iPhone however it probably won’t be enough to change things across the global landscape.

Other than Android being number one this quarter, another really interesting fact in this data is that in the United States Microsoft had a 9% share in 2009 and a 5% share in 2010 and in 2010 they had a new product out while in 2009 they did not.

Source: Canalys


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  1. Addressed and fixed. We are in the middle of an editor change so it will be more consistent, as it was in the past. I totally understand your point though and will improve our proofreading. Thanks

  2. Enjoy your site, but jeez could you try to do a minimum amount of professional-level copy editing to make it actually readable? The first sentence in this post alone: “Canalys, one that is as reliable in the cell phone industry as both NPD, Forrester and Nielsen…”
    I assume you mean, Canalys, a market research firm as reliable….
    It also would help not comparing the company to “both” NPD, Forrester and Nielsen… that’s three.
    And since we’re being sticklers for accuracy, in the last post: “Apple has 74% of the tablet space however that is down from 25%.” Huh?
    Again, it’s a good site, but ongoing and very basic mistakes like this tend to ruin credibility.

  3. 1) these numbers only count for Q4. For all of 2010 Symbian is #1. Also we’re only looking at numbers for shipments to the channel, not sales to end users. That said, Google’s accomplishments here are staggering and impressive.

  4. Android FTW:… I went out of my way to get an Android device when I first got into smartphones.. I have never regretted it

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