Wil Wheaton Uses Unrevoked to Root his HTC Incredible

Posted on Dec 1 2010 - 2:35am by Kyle

Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and Comicon Android loving junkees please stand up, your fearless leader has rooted his HTC Droid Incredible with a little help from unrevoked.

Earlier today Wil Tweeted: About to root my HTC Incredible, using http://unrevoked.com/ Anything I should know before I do from experienced rooters?

And a bit later he added: Thanks for the huge amount of #android rooting info (and giggles from Oz), gang. I’m going to study all this stuff before I do anything.

So big win for Unrevoked! Big Win for Verizon as Trekkies not just Star Wars folks use a Droid! Big Win for HTC and Big Win for most of all Android!

No Wil that’s not a pirhanna down there it’s a little green robot!

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