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Wil Wheaton Uses Unrevoked to Root his HTC Incredible

Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and Comicon Android loving junkees please stand up, your fearless leader has rooted his HTC Droid Incredible with a little help from unrevoked.

Earlier today Wil Tweeted: About to root my HTC Incredible, using Anything I should know before I do from experienced rooters?

And a bit later he added: Thanks for the huge amount of #android rooting info (and giggles from Oz), gang. I’m going to study all this stuff before I do anything.

So big win for Unrevoked! Big Win for Verizon as Trekkies not just Star Wars folks use a Droid! Big Win for HTC and Big Win for most of all Android!

No Wil that’s not a pirhanna down there it’s a little green robot!

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