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US Cellular WAYYYYYY Undercuts T-Mobile on Galaxy Tab Pricing

US Cellular has redone it’s pricing structure for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. US Cellular is now offering rate plan subsidized pricing on Samsung’s awesome 7″ tablet device.

Customers who want to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab on US Cellular, and commit to a two year contract with their 5gb data package now only have to pay $199 out of pocket (that’s right $200 buckaroos). The 5gb data package is $54.99 and overage on 5gb will cost you $.25 per meg.

Customers who want to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab on US Cellular’s limited data plan can do pick up the tab for $399.99 which is still cheaper than the T-Mobile variant.

Source: Mobile Burn


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  1. “overage on 5gb will cost you $.25 per meg.”

    Are they insane?! For 1GB over, they’d be charging you $256. That makes AT&T’s $10 overage look positively generous in comparison.

  2. Honestly I belbelieve if att ever gets off their but they can better everyone. I don’t remember were I heard it but they rolled out hspa+ to 60% of their network of that were activated and they continued the roll out they will have the largest. and with this they could wait until lte advanced to fully push their lte network

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