T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray Stops By Washington Post and um…

With all the hub bub about 4G and LTE going on right now, one person familiar with the industry speaks more cautioously.  T-Mobile’s CTO, Neville Ray, was in Washington DC recently visiting the FCC headquarters about spectrum auctions when he stopped by and spoke with the Washington Post.

Ray expects that the scarcity of 4G/LTE devices will continue until the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 despite his carrier having two devices optimized for HSPA+ the MyTouch 4G and the HTC G2.

If we have decided as a nation to accept that LTE, Wimax and HSPA+ are “4G”, which according to analyst firm Yankee we are, then T-Mobile and Sprint are in fact tied for devices on “4G”. T-Mobile has the two handsets mentioned above and a slew of HSPA 7.2 devices seen in this story, while Sprint offers the HTC Evo 4G and the Epic 4G, which do utilitze their WiMax “4G” network.

Ray said the problem for 4G phones is that the highest end devices stil require 2 chips for voice and data and “That sucks the battery life of those phones,” he said.

Ray spoke to the Washington Post about tiered data pricing. T-Mobile introduced some tiered data pricing but still offers an unlimited plan for devices aside from the Galaxy Tab and Netbooks for $30 per month. Consumer watchdog groups are concerned that carriers like Verizon and AT&T are setting plans so that customers go over their data and start incurring stiff per gigabyte overages. T-Mobile on the other hand, doesnt charge overages, instead, once you cross your threshold they throttle down your internet speed in hopes of saving bandwidth.

T-Mobile is starving for more spectrum. Rays visit to the FCC was to lobby for an auction for some spectrum set aside for public emergency first responders that shoulders spectrum T-Mobile already holds.

Ray didn’t seem familiar with the fact that T-Mobile has the “Largest 4G Network” with 2 devices already on it. Or the fact that they offer an unlimited plan, use throttling instead of overage fees and have backwards compatible HSPA 7.2 devices.

just sayin…

Source: Washington Post


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  1. Hold on a sec, let’s just clear something up. You seem to be twisting the definition of 4g. You said it yourself that ‘If we have decided as a nation to accept that LTE, Wimax and HSPA+ are “4G”’. Just because media and bloggers have decided to MIS-NAME WiMax and LTE 4g doesn’t make it so. They are NOT 4g services. What T-Mobile might have is the largest “WiMax / LTE / HSDP+ Network.

    Instead of worsening an already daft notion of what 4G is, let’s get our facts straight. Neville Ray is referring to 4G, proper 4G and in that sense says is correct it what he says.

    WiMax, LTE and HSDP+ are advances on 3G but they are still a 3G service.

    This isn’t one of your better blogs.

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