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T-Mobile Confirms Galaxy Tab Fastest on T-Mobile

We’ve been huge fans of the Samsung Galaxy Tab since we attended the official Galaxy Tab launch in Berlin Germany in September.  We’ve had experience with all four variants of the Galaxy Tab from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.  We’ve put all three through different speed tests and kept seeing better speed out of the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Tab when we were in HSPA+ coverage.

During the summer at the T-mobile/Samsung Vibrant launch in New York city we pointed out to then Director of Public Relations, Pete Debrow, that we saw download speeds in New York City in the 7mbps range. This is of course out of the theoretic norms of 3G speed even on T-Mobile.  We were informed that although not a device branded for “4G”, in T-Mobile’s case HSPA+, then and today by a T-Mobile spokesperson speaking to thedroidguy.com “T-Mobile’s 4G network is backward compatible with several 3G devices, including more than 15 high-performing smartphones which is likely why you’re seeing a speed boost on the Nexus One”

Two weeks ago we visited a T-Mobile store in Baltimore Maryland which is a T-Mobile HSPA+ market. We had a Verizon and Sprint Galaxy Tab in hand and played with the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab at the store.  After confirming wi-fi was off we ran a speed test and saw speeds consistently in the 5-6mbps download range, again not “3G” speeds and way more inline with Sprint’s “4G” speeds.

After our experience with other T-Mobile devices in T-Mobile HSPA+ markets we thought this may be the case and have confirmed through T-Mobile that because of this backwards compatibility “This allows these 3G devices to benefit from a speed boost in areas of 4G coverage”

So while not a 3G device the Samsung Galaxy Tab will perform faster in HSPA+ markets because it is an HSPA 7.2 device.  Below is a list of the Android 4G devices and the Android devices with HSPA 7.2

Android Devices with 4G
T-Mobile MyTouch 4G
T-Mobile HTC G2 with Google

Android Devices with HSPA 7.2
T-Mobile MyTouch 3G
Samsung Behold II
Motorola Cliq
Motorola Cliq XT
MyTouch 3G Slide
Samsung Vibrant
Samsung Galaxy Tab
LG Optimus T
Motorola Defy
T-Mobile Comet

Source: T-Mobile

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  1. It is true that the T mobile Gtab performs much faster in the 4G market. I can confirm that much from my own experience. I own a Roku box and a Wii and have a netflix subscription, and some times my wife uses one and I the other to watch our seperate movies. Well, when you split our home wifi, her’s and my movies are very sluggish. I discovered that I can share my Gtab’s signal as a hotspot with either the Roku or the Wii, and wow. The HSPA 7.2 on my Gtab streams the movies better than my wifi – not one pause or pixilation. Amazing! I tried the same with my EVO on 3G – Sprint doesnt have 4G in my market yet – and forget it! It took way too long to load and when it did, it stopped every couple of seconds to reload. What a great device complimented so well with T mobile. Those speeds are not even possible on Sprint’s Gtab without wifi, even in their 4G market.

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