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Sprint Awards 5 Year Network Contract to Samsung Mobile, What Happened to LTE?

Good News for our friends at Samsung as they’ve been selected as one of three partners to build out a 800/1900mhz network of multi-mode base stations.

Samsung joins Alcatel-Lucent and Ericcson  as part of Sprint’s Network Vision blueprint plan to improve and consolidate it’s data and voice networks. Samsung will deploy multi mode base stations spanning the Pacific Coast, to the Great Lakes including key markets such as San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Network deployment is just one of many parts of the mobile industry that Samsung specializes in. With the next generation of mobile technologies emerging now and Samsung will be a major part of that. Samsung recently announced an LTE build out  with Cellular South.

The deal between the 3 companies and Sprint is expected to take 3-5 years to complete and conform with WiMax standards.  Earlier this year we heard reports that Clearwire was working on LTE as well as WiMax. Sprint combined it’s network assets with Clearwire in 2008 when Sprint invested into Clearwire to become 51% owner of the Kirkland based company.  Samsung Mobile had been an instrumental partner in the initial Clearwire launch and contributed to their over 100million pops currently covered by the nations only nationwide WiMax network.  With Clearwire’s recent financial crisis solved it looks like Sprint/Clearwire will focus on what they know best which is WiMax.


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  1. It is sad to see Sprint going the wrong way…this was an opportunity to unite the U.S. under one 4G standard, but I guess we will have to let the market decide this one again. Unfortunately, I don’t think the economies of scale will be with Sprint and Wimax as almost everyone else is going LTE. And just when Sprint was getting their customer service problem straightened out they will plant the seeds for a new reason to loose money. It’s too bad because they have really good coverage nationwide. I give them 2 more years before they start to bleed again…by then it will be too late and T-mobile will have an easy and cheap upgrade to LTE and take their spot in 3rd place. I mean hasn’t Sprint been losing money since 2007? When will it end?

  2. WiMax, LTE – Both are viable standards with distinct market segments. I’m glad to see someone building out WiMax in the US – and who says Clear / Sprint / Samsung won’t offer both?

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