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Samsung Mobile Confirms No MicroSD Slot on the Nexus S


A Samsung Mobile spokesperson has confirmed Thedroidguy that the Samsung Nexus S does not have a microSD slot our expandable memory.

We saw this reported on the internet and on twitter however we wanted to check with Samsung directly. 
The Nexus franchise exists today as the “Developer Phone”. If you are a developer you know how important the SD or removable storage is to the development process.

The Samsung Nexus S will be available in Bestbuy stores and Bestbuy.com beginning December 16th


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  1. This is ridiculous. I’ll stick to my N1, I didn’t spend another small fortune on a 32GB MicroSD so I could have movies and my music collection on the move for nothing.

  2. Boycot Google and all of there products including search. They are trying to block hacking and open source and create locked down phones. The bulk of Google is 100 percent open source. They put this deceptive image forward that they are pro freedom but they support opposite, complete corporate monopolistic market control.

  3. What good is a smartphone in this day and age without a microSD slot? Especially one in a family of developer devices.

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