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Samsung Galaxy S Series To Get Gingerbread

Samsung didn’t say anything about Gingerbread via their facebook page. They did however make a statement earlier in the week that they were evaluating whether or not the Galaxy S line of devices was best suited for Gingerbread.  We aren’t clear why they needed to consider this considering the fact that most of the specs of the upcoming Samsung Nexus S are the same, however they bought some time by telling us that.

Today, via a tweet from Samsung India, it was revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S line would get Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” of course without a timeline.  Samsung has reinvented themselves over the last year and in the last quarter became the largest supplier of Android handsets in the world.  The Samsung Galaxy S line of phones was rated the best phone by customers of Sprint, T-mobile and AT&T in the Consumer Reports cell phone survey that was issued earlier this week.

The only thing that has been a drawback for Samsung Galaxy S customers is the update cycle.  The Galaxy S came out with Android 2.1 and the Touch Wiz overlay which makes it pretty, sharp and fast, however they’ve been telling us that Froyo was coming since late summer. After missing possible upgrade dates in September and November it looks like the Froyo update is right around the corner. So we can’t be sure how long it will be before the Galaxy S phones get Gingerbread, but it’s great that they are going to.

Source: Phonearena.com


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  1. I hope they adopt Google’s ext 4 over RFS for Gingerbread. Either way I am going to pick up the Nexus S. I think Samsung has some great hardware (sure it’s missing what should be normal features) that with a little over sight from the geniuses at Google, we’ll see a great example of what Samsung should have done in the first place.

  2. Root and ROM that’s the only way a samsung galaxy s will see gingerbread. Maybe even froyo before its outdated. I know that its time to free my droid x with fission rubix or, well which ever rom is ready for todays ota I received. Next stop gingebread with no motobloat or verizon crap ware

  3. Agreed. I love my Captivate – but this update cycle business is BS of the highest possible order. If it wasn’t for ETF’s – I’d have dumped this phone in favor of a new Windows phone by now. And AT&T knows that. They’ve got most consumers by the short hairs.

  4. They can’t even supply Froyo to their Galaxy S line, what makes this author think that 1 tweet from India indicates Samsung is going to supply Gingerbread? Samsung phones are not among the best, they come with tons of bloatware and an outdated OS. I suppose if you still use win98 you’d be happy with a Galaxy S phone.

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