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Playstation Android Phone Makes Clear Appearance In Video

Phonedog.com has posted video of the upcoming Playstation Android device being dubbed the “Zeus Z1”. There has been wide spread speculation as to when we will actually see this device launch however it’s been speculated that it could be as early as an event in France next week or as late as the Mobile World Congress in February in Barcelona.

Sony Ericcson, who does really well overseas, has yet to effectively penetrate the Android market in the United States. Their Xperia Android launch has been soft and current users are frustrated with the rollout of an updated version of Android.  Earlier this month we reported that the Sony Ericcson CEO is planning a big splash at Mobile World Congress and that he has been working with their engineers at Sony.

So the Playstation phone is real, what do you think are you getting one?

Source: Phone Dog


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  1. If Sony goes the same route that MS did with the Xbox and make it affordable, maybe price it right above current PSP or PSP GO, it might actually sell. They are just going to have to price the games right to be competitive.

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