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Gingerbread Roms Ready For Motorola OG Droid

Although Verizon seems to be doing a lot better with rolling out Android updates there are hundreds of people out there that refuse to wait.  The biggest baddest newest Android operating system is available, Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” and the AOSP developers have wasted no time producing Roms for multiple devices. Just moments ago we posted this story about Nexus One Gingerbread roms.

Two developers have already built pretty functional Gingerbread Roms for the Motorola OG Droid. PLEASE remember if you’ve never done this before DONT Motorola Droid series devices are the EASIEST to brick.  If you think you got what it takes, continue to after the break.

Here is the neubanks89 Rom

1. Download the neubanks89 file and drop it onto your SD Card
2. Boot your phone into recovery, make a backup, wipe data (factory reset) and then install from zip
Here is the Steinman Rom
1. Download the steinman file and unzip the folder onto your SD card
2. move folder to clockwork/backup
3. move into recovery and make a backup of current set up
4. Wipe Data (Factory reset) and then go to back up and restore and restore
5. Choose the Steinman Nandroid folder and restore it
Source: TFTS Droidlife


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  1. It isn’t easiest to brick a Droid. I didn’t flash a ROM right like five times and it still works.

  2. Easiest to brick? Ha! Try the other way around, the only way to brick an OG Droidis to literally drop a brick on it.

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