Gingerbread Knocking on Droid X’s Door

Posted on Dec 12 2010 - 3:06am by Kyle

Proceed with caution!

Earlier in the week Verizon started rolling out an official update to the Motorola Droid X however it wasn’t Gingerbread. An official Gingerbread update for anything except the Nexus One, will not happen until way after the Samsung Nexus S is launched.  However if you are experienced with root have root access on your Motorola Droid X and have flashed ROM’s before, thier is an unofficial Gingerbread port for Droid X

– Have familiarity with root and be rooted
– Be familiar with the Motorola bootstrap recovery tool

Installation Instructions: Please have a nandroid of your current setup in case this is not for you

Users coming from 1.2.1 may be safe to keep data and cache. If there are problems, then factory reset. – Uninstall updates to Market, Google Voice Search, Google Search Bar, and Gmail if they’re there under Settings->Applications->Manage Applications first (1.2.1 upgraders only)

-Place file on your sdcard. Bootstrap recovery and reboot recovery
-Navigate to mounts and storage. FORMAT data, and cache
-Return to previous menu and install .zip from sd card
-Choose ApeX and install!


-Place file on sdcard. Install ROM from sdcard in ROM manager. Wipe data and cache.

CAUTION: If you haven’t done this before don’t attempt. Motorola phones are probably the easiest to brick. We are not responsible for anything you do to your phone neither is the source link
Source: TFTS and Droid X Forums
Gingerbread Knocking on Droid X’s Door was last modified: December 12th, 2010 by Kyle

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  • TheRealBeesley

    Way to give Fab credit for his hard work. A tiny link at the bottom… no mention of who built it throughout the whole article. Stay classy bro..

  • Vitaliy Uvakin

    This ROM is awesome, please follow link for any questions or problems, or to say thank you to developer. He is well deserve it

  • Steven58

    ApeX roms are the most stable too. Love ‘em.

  • Stephen Yarbrough

    this is not a gingerbread port, this is a Froyo rom with the gingerbread keyboard and theme……does anyone read any more?