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Firefox Next Beta Releasing to Android Market, AT&T Android Users Rejoice!

Mozilla has been hard at work on the Android version of their famous Firefox browser.  Right now the beta releases are available for download from their website, which has been great for most Android users wanting to try out firefox on their Android device.  The one problem is that AT&T blocks the ability to “side load” apps onto their devices, or install applications from “unknown sources”

Matt Brubeck, one of the engineers on the Firefox mobile team said that the next beta build of Firefox for Android will be released to the android market.

Great news for AT&T Android customers.
Source: Droid Life


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  1. HUGE news. I hope this is much more than a rumor. I have an AT&T Samsung Captivate Galaxy S and haven’t been able to get Firefox 4 Beta yet.

  2. I think the kind of people who sideload things, especially betas, can figure out how to use something like the sideload wonder machine.

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