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Droid 2 Reportedly Blows up On Texas Mans Ear

Aaron Embry of Cedar Hill Texas allegedly received this injury from his Motorola Droid 2 on Verizon. photo: WFAA TV

A man in Cedar Hill Texas was injured on Thursday requiring four stitches in his ear. The man, Aaron Embry, alleges that he was on a call on his Motorola Droid 2, on the Verizon Wireless network, when he ended his call he heard a “pop” and then noticed blood running down his face and on his phone and that part of the screen had exploded.

WFAA-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth reported that Embry was immediately rushed to the hospital, although other internet sources are saying he went home to take pictures and then went to the hospital.  Being that the TV station website had the photo above it looks like he did stop for that photo op.

Embry said he just bought the phone 2 days prior.  No word on whether the phone had been rooted or overclocked, or if the phone was bought new or used.  Although they do come up from time to time, stories of exploding cell phones are rare. Typically they also involve exploding on the back in the battery area.

Aaron Embry shows off the blood and cracked screen of his Motorola Droid 2

There are reports of a man in India and a woman in China dying as a result of exploding phones.  The only other case reported this year in the United States was of a 19 year old girl in Wisconsin. Her phone caught fire while charging. The girl was injured putting out the fire.

Motorola is taking Embry’s injury quite seriously. They made the following statement

Embry was treated and released from Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas Texas. According to reports his phone was still functioning after the injury.  If we hear more we will let you know…

UPDATE: After reviewing the video, talking to a couple of engineers, going on our own gut instinct we really believe this guy is full of it. An explosion the magnitude to make the injury shown in the photo would a) have more blood splatter on the phone b) cracked the glass even more c) rendered the phone inusuable and d) most likely burned Mr. Embry not just cut him.  e) With the experience I have heating up batteries (for example using PDAnet for hours on end) to blow up the phone in that manner it would have become extremely hot.  The TV reporter says the Embrys are looking for help from Motorola for their injuries and of course a lawyer.  Knowing the way “Ambulance Chaser” lawyers operate, if this had been a true incident they would have booked the lawyer at the hospital.  Seeing from the video that they called 9-1-1 and presumably had an ambulance come it would have gone out on the scanner and lawyers would have been lined up at the hospital. Just our editorial thoughts…

Source: WFAA-TV


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  1. “Freak accidents and how many times has something broke or caught fire a little bit and still worked for you?”


    I think this guy is full of something other then BS. Later reports shared that the anatomy of the phone had been altered, the phone itself had been over-clocked…

    If you were bleeding from the head/ear wouldn’t you stop for a photo op? I think not… yadda yadda about not affording the Ride to the hospital… esp when you’re bleeding from the head… common sense states that when you are in a heightened sense of panic… not many would really care about the bill… they just want the bleeding to stop… this guy is full of BS and you know it.

    He wants the money.. if it wasn’t so obvious.. did you also note the Gang related tattoo on the back of his neck?… did you also note that he stated that the “phone appeared to have….(moments)… burst outwards…”

    To detailed… any normal person would have said… “phone appeared to have expoloded”

    He wants money… time to get this taken care of… he’s no renegade, he’s just an underpaid junkie that thinks he can cause a riot regarding technology… and think he can sleuth money in his behalf….

    It’s not going to happen.

  2. hey my husband just bought an optimus 1 android phone threw telus here in alberta he hasnt had the phone for anymore then two weeks and he went out of town for work and plugged it in to charge it and it melted does anyone one else have anything to say about these phones . email me at redhot_lilsweetthang@hotmail.com would like to here you what you have to say thanx

  3. While talking with Verizon today, they state they inspected this phone this guy in Texas claims blew up on him. Verizon found this guy took the phone apart, and did something to the inside to modify it, and then was using it while it was wet. His tampering with it and it being wet is the cause, A Duh!

  4. Ok listen up as you can see the glass looks as if it is pushed outwards and he said he heard a pop i did not hear him say exploded! so why is when there something said others add stuff that wasnt said or done and now days a lot of us think differently when things happen like he said he went in bathroom and saw the blood so of course he will call his wife to come help and taking photos we all do that now everyone has cameras on their phones and so what if they didn’t call 911 to pick them up i know i wouldn’t i would just go into ER a lot don’t have money to pay for that Ambulance Ride! and ya need to remember that just cause it sounds far fetched doesn’t mean its not true that is why they are called Freak accidents and how many times has something broke or caught fire a little bit and still worked for you?

  5. It’s “allude” but your point stands. Also, there is no burning, singeing, or cauterization on the wound. That doesn’t point to an explosion.

  6. The wound is a cut, not a burn–it doesn’t look singed. The phone suffered little damage, and the only explosive parts are the battery and processor–yet the phone still works. My guess: the guy had a crappy day, both getting cut/hit in the ear and dropping his brand-new DROID, so he thought he could get cash if he sued Moto for an “exploding” phone.

  7. Dude got beat on by the 5th grade bully and dropped it when he ran away. Or for frontin the gang tat on the back of his neck.

  8. When I wrote the story I elluded to the fact that most battery explosions are on the “back” of this phone. I’m a man and all but if a phone blew up next to my ear and did the damage shown in the photo id probably be screaming and wouldnt have had time to take pictures. Further if a phone did that to me, pictures or not it would be dually noted by the hospital and I would have just as much ammunition to go to an insurance company or sue the manufacturer

  9. I call BS – the damage to the phone in the photo is totally inconsistent with an explosion of the device… this would imply that a force generated from inside the phone exited the device at high velocity, resulting in injury. The photo of the phone seems to show impact damage – i.e. force propelled inward towards the inside of the device from outside.

    I think dude did something stupid, and in his panic due to lack of health insurance, he hit the phone with a small hammer, held it up to his bleeding ear, and then said Motorola did it … also, phones that “explode” typically don’t continue to work, with all due respect to Moto. This dude’s full of it.

  10. “According to reports his phone was still functioning after the injury.” Motorola, built Droid tough.

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