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Asus Android Tablet To Feature Keyboard And More, Is This The Sleeper for CES 2011

Most of the CES pre-show news has been focused around 4G and Android. The latest photos from Asus fit the Android category in a major way. However, like Toshiba at IFA earlier this year, Asus hasn’t exactly been known for their Android portfolio.

These photos were leaked to techinstyle.com earlier today and they show the new 10″ Android tablet hybrid by Asus.  As you can see it’s an Android tablet, indicative of the home and back Android buttons right there in the shot. It’s a 10″ tablet allegedly also running honeycomb and slated for a CES official announcement.

One thing you’ll also notice is the USB 3.0 port on the side. Perhaps you will be able to use this tablet with almost as much functionality as a laptop, if not more!

Asus is also working on a Windows phone 7 based tablet that was leaked with alongside the photos of the Android tablet.

While we are excited about the Asus tablet we are proceeding with caution as we were also truly excited about the Toshiba Folio tablet as well.

Source: Techinstyle


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  1. a tablet with a keyboard.. genius! ugh.. why is the world so back asswords these days.. like this wasn’t and obvious thing to do. AnDROIDS.. we have to stop comparing ourselves to iOS and just admit to ourselves that we are better.. and move on to bigger and better fish. This means, doing things like this.. breaking that idea that we have to beat “iOS” and everything has to be a touch screen keyboard because frankly.. a lot of people like real keyboards. It’s the sane thing to do, and finally the right thing to do.. I expect these to fly off the shelves.. Any one know if there is a GPU in this model and if its ready for 3.0 or is it still 2.3/2.2

  2. I think we used to call those devices with keyboard a “Laptop”, or maybe “Notebook”… not sure.

    Now, get off my lawn.

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