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Samsung Live: From the Continuum

6:45PM Gallery

6:44PM- No mention of Nexus 2

6:43PM-Lainches with 2.1

6:40PM  Ticker functions:  –

Start Screen, time weather, etc
RSS Feeds
Ticker History- Bring up the stream of notifications, RSS feeds, emails, texts, etc
Bult in VZ Navigator Support, the ticker will show the next instruction
Multi Media- Ticker will still have music/media player controls below the main screen

Ticker has “Grip Sensor” Do a gentle grip on the side you’ll wake up ticker and not the whole screen

6:38PM- Samsung Continuum
3.4″ SuperAMOLED

6:37PM Graphic: “This is your phone because life doesn’t have a “Hold” button”

6:35PM Nick DeCarlo of Samsung Mobile is talking about The Samsung Galaxy S and it’s users.  Users are “Hyper Taskers”. DeCarlo introduces the Samsung Continuum with a Ticker inspired by the New York Stock Exchange

6:34PM The Samsung Galaxy S series has sold 3Million units in the US alone, to date

6:31PM Doors are closing and it’s almost show time. Another look around shows no signs of official Google personnel they would never launch a “Google” branded product without a presence so after this post no more discussion about the “Nexus S” or “Nexus 2” this is about the Samsung Continuum, A Galaxy S phone, on Verizon. A great phone with great features. Samsung Mobile Logo is up it’s time to roll

6:21PM- We are live at the secret location for todays event in Times Square where Samsung and Verizon will officially be announcing the Continuum and NO OTHER DEVICE.  Kim Titus from Samsung is on hand as well as the entire PR team. Brenda Raney from Verizon is also here. There are no executives from Google that we can see, nor have we heard are going to be here

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