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Motorola Teams Up With Kopin and TI For Wearable Computer

Go Go Gadget Computer, that’s what I think when I see this…

It looks like a virtual reality game. Aaron Kasten from AndroidSwag.com and I actually saw it in person at a tech event in Dallas, TX over the summer.  What is it? It’s a wearable computer being developed by Motorola.  The new device that looks like a cross between a headset a football coach wears and a virtual reality game, will work seamlessly with all of your connected electronics.

Motorola announced the device officially last Wednesday. The device called the Golden-i, features a micro display that projects to the user as a 15″ 24 bit monitor. It features a Windows embedded CE 6.0 R2 operating system and a Texas Instruments OMAP 3530 mobile dual processor.  In speaking with Texas Instruments, they did say that as the device progresses they may consider other mobile operating platforms for it.  Both Motorola and Texas Instruments work together on the Motorola Droid line of Android devices.

The concept behind the Golden-i is simple; connect your cell phone, car stereo, smartphone, PDA, iPod, and computer using the same connected interface and be able to control them from one virtual screen.  Gestures and voice recognition are the key to navigating the head-held computer.

The Golden-i will be available to developers beginning in January. The SDK, which includes the headset itself will be available for $2500.

Motorola is no stranger to wearable communications. Since 2005 Motorola has been the partner for Bluetooth and MP3 players in sunglasses by Oakley and ski goggles by Burton.

Although there have been prototypes for this device out for about a year now, this new partnership with Kopin moves the project forward.  Golden-i Programming Manager, Jeffrey Jacobsen, said “The Golden-i® platform offers spontaneous mobile access to virtually any digital information in the world, on-demand. Imagine leaving your laptop at the office and still having full access to all of its information, applications and services while traveling. The Golden-i platform will truly change the way people work and live.”

Motorola Senior Director of of Emerging Business, Tom Bianculli added “We believe this computer headset will be a game-changing solution for mobile workforces and represents the future in wearable computing. As the leader in enterprise mobile computing, Motorola Solutions is working with Kopin to explore new innovations and cutting-edge technologies that will help our customers continue to improve their operational efficiency and increase their productivity.”

Source: Technews & Kopin press release

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  1. Golden-i was designed for industrial use and applications, to provide improved individual and group performance, enhanced personal and group safety, and tremendous convenience. Millions of people go to work everyday and require one or both hands free to do their work. Many wear protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses and still need to interface with digital information, without removing their protective garments. Golden-i Gen 3.5 is a development unit for software application developers and those who will work on Golden-i deployment with existing legacy software and systems.

    The Gen 3.5 Dev Kit units are intended for software development and early Golden-i deployment experimentation only, not industrial field use. The Motorola production units will come to market with all of the customary industrial safety certifications and rated for “All Weather” Construction, Utilities repair, Telecom repair, Manufacturing lines, Chemical processing plants, Oil drilling rigs and pipeline service, Dismounted Police Officers using Segways, bicycles, skates and horses, Firemen with and without rebreathers, Hazmat operations, Emergency response and Disaster response, Ambulance EMTs, Nurses in Hospitals, everyday maintenance, service and repair situations . . . etc. the list is distinguished and nearly endless. Golden-i is designed to improve industrial work force performance and save lives.

    In the future Golden-i products will be developed specifically for professionals and consumers, these new Golden-i products will be much smaller and less noticeable.

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