It doesn’t matter if they block GoogleTV.

By now, just about all of the video content providers in the US have blocked their web based flash content from being viewed on Google TV. The most recent of which was Viacom, the owners of Comedy Central and the owners of the failed YouTube lawsuit. To be honest, i’m shocked it took them this long. The companies do not want their content to be viewed on a TV, unless you are paying a cable company or paying per episode, plain and simple. It makes perfect business sense, and I am sure they have a plan to deploy their content to Google TV later. That’s right, I said it. These guys are not walking away from Google TV. They can’t. It’s going to be too big. Wan’t to know why? Join me on my walk through the Internet.

These websites are insignificant. There, I said it, and Big Cable didn’t drop ninja’s from my ceiling and murder me. Why? Because I am RIGHT. Facebook occupies a full quarter of the web traffic in the entire US. The entire rest of the internet could block Google TV, and a full quarter of what is considered daily web traffic would be accessible to Google TV users. The three most commonly used properties on the interne are Facebook, Search, and Email. As long as those three things exist on Google TV, it will still sell, and it will still be loved. Anyone who thought that you were going to be able to buy a Google TV and cancel your Cable service was seriously misled. Go hurt the person who lied to you. It’s an added service. A HUGE added service. Plus, we’ve got guys like Samsung on board, switching their existing platforms over to Google. Know what Samsung did with their Smart TV’s? They put a big ol’ camera on top so you could Skype Video with friends and family. Bringing it to Google TV would be nothing, and at the same time, everything. Google TV is far from dead, but it’s still in need of help.

Google TV needs a Market infusion, and FAST. Probably faster than they already have scheduled. This will allow content providers to do their thing on THEIR terms. We know a Hulu app is on it’s way to Android. It’s going to come to GoogleTV as well. There has to be a way for the content to be NOT FREE. The Market, and the apps that follow, will be completely focused on delivering the rest of the experience to the devices, which will complete the user experience. The content providers have not left Google TV, they are just waiting to deliver their content on their terms. Once that happens, GoogleTV will become THE dominant force in the Smart TV market, which will be the next step in home entertainment.


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  1. Looks like you got your wish. Sony has dropped the price of their blu-ray internet box by 100 bucks. What does this mean for the logitech revue?

  2. Yeah, that is a big issue. However, I definitely see the price of GoogleTV coming down, and an alternative set-top box from some other manufacturer other than Logitech. Something in the $99-$199 price range is needed desperately.

    Also, picking your apps from the networks you do watch and not paying for the apps you DON’T watch is almost always cheaper than getting cable for $100’s per month.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Bring a Google Apps Marketplace to Google TV and you will see an ABC app for $19.95. Watch all the ABC shows on the ABC app. Want to watch Discovery or Sci Fi? There will be apps for them. Sure you will have to pay, but with Google TV you can pay for only what you want.

    Many people say the only thing keeping them from cutting the cord is Sports. Then all you need is to wait for ESPN to come out with a Google TV app, or perhaps a sports package app (NFL App, NHL App, etc).

    This is the future of TV. I’d say its pretty bright.

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