Giorgio Armani Teams with Samsung for Chic Galaxy S Phone

Samsung Mobile has announced that they’ve teamed up with designer Giorgio Armani to release a chic and sophisticated Galaxy S phone. The Samsung Galaxy S phones feature a brilliant Super AMOLED display, swype technology, Android 2.1 and many other great features.  Giorgio Armani is known for their ellegant, luxurious sophistication. Put the two together and you have a beautiful nice looking phone, the perfect accessory.
The Girogio Armani Galaxy S is designed for those looking for sleek design, powerful technology and luxury in one phone. The Girogio Armani Galaxy S features an exclusive Armani patterned black metal cover.
The Giorgio Armani Galaxy S will be sold in Giorgio Armani Boutique stores and major mobile phone stores in Italy in December with a more global roll out beginning in the first part of 2011. There are plans to bring the phone to the Netherlands, UK, Italy and Russia with no word on a US release.

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  1. Oh the hype. No one in US is goo gooing much over this design that up to this point, ATT only had this body style in the whole world for a Samsung Galaxy S handset. This is the same [oh will the metal back has a different pattern on it?] but I read on other site[s] the interface is customised for Armani.

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