Utilizing Community! What IS Community?

By: Meagan Esquivel  – special contributor TDG Online

With all this talk of community on Twitter, I thought I was the only socially awkward one who didn’t know how to jump in the mix and correctly use the phrase “community.”

I would consider myself an outgoing person. I like to talk loud and laugh louder [not on purpose]. And if push came to shove, I’d be able to communicate with a hearing-impaired friend. Hand gestures, facial expressions, stick figures, and all!

So why is it that sometimes its hard to build a “community?” Cyber friends, blog friends, facebook friends, and tweeps are great and supportive, but there’s something to be said about doing the uncomfortable task of physically talking with someone.

We all come together in our safe cybering Twitter world, where we can be cool, comfortable, and [very] edited! But this weekend The Droid Guy and Androidswag along with others are hosting the First Annual BIG Texas Android BBQ. Here’s our chance to really build a personal community!

I’ve heard quite a few people speak of the Android BBQ not being the best of places to build a community due to infighting and immature rants on Twitter. Lets face it people, everyone, EVERYONE is much more courageous behind their lit screen! Probably in their Spidey p.j.s, one sock off, comfortably eating their bag of funoins!

Now would be the time to build that relationship to meet each other, put a face to the name and have a good time! Because what it all boils down to is our love of Android. I mean isn’t this why we’re meeting? Isn’t this why we’re having this BIG Texas Android BBQ? To celebrate the anniversary of our beloved OS? Eat, Drink and be Merry!

Yes we will disagree on things. Yes, we may tweet something we may really wish we didn’t and realize that at 140 characters sometimes we can really sound dumb. This event started as someone’s idea and look what it snowballed into. I know one of the reasons is because this community saw this great idea and brought it to life, brought it to where it is now. So if we preach community , lets be community.

Uncomfortable, uncool, and unedited.

You can find Meagan on twitter @meaganesquivel


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  1. Such a good article. Exactly what I was trying to say but didn’t in 140 characters or less. I tried explaining what and where I was going to my real life friends and family but they looked at me like I was crazy.
    “You’re driving out to Texas for what now?”
    Simply to hang out with and meet people I’ve been talking to for a year. What do we have in common? Just our love for this mobile OS. Doesn’t get more nerdy than that….. =p

  2. *Gasp* Michael! How can you like that he got my Twitter Handle wrong. :O You’re evil….

  3. I know! Russells fixing that and formatting it differently. I have office so when he opened it, it was just a block of words; lame!!! It’ll be fixed in no time though!

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