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Fish Phonics/EarZee Go Go Gadget Phone

Well, one of the coolest things we actually saw at CTIA this year was the Stretch Earzee a simple bluetooth headset device that comes in a bracelet style/wristwatch style case with a retractable ear piece. The Earzee comes in two different styles the wristband style called the “Zip Earzee” with the quick zip back retractor. The other style is the Stretch Earzee which is very similar tot he stretch bracelets that teenagers and young adults are seen wearing every day. You just stretch it out and place the ear part in between your top two fingers.

The pricepoint on these will make them great stocking stuffers this holiday season. Personally I liken it to go-go gadget bluetooth. Pretty cool stuff

Here’s a video of CEO Peter Fish showing us just how easy the Earzee line is:

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  1. I seems like an eternity since the CTIA Fall 2010 when we first showed the prototypes for this exciting Earzee product range to the world.
    We now have product and a Website to get this product out there.
     http://www.earzee.com.au or http://www.fishphonics.com.au
    David Adams
    Fish Phonics Australia

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