Wireless printing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Over the next few week, the big topic on everyone’s tongues whe it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to be pitting it against it’s only real market competition, the Apple iPad. What features are better, screen, battery life, etc. will all be compared to determine device superiority. And Android tablet has an immediate advantage with Multi-tasking, and the Galaxy Tab will also come with a nice front and rear camera, not to mention Swype as an optional virtual keyboard. What else does the Tab have to offer? Did we mention Wireless Printing?

In one form or another, wireless printing has existed in Android since 1.6, though this is clearly the smoothest version of this software, and it’s now built in as opposed to being in app form. Anyone who saw Apple’s press event yesterday knows that they are once again feverishly trying to play catch up to Android by bringing multi-tasking and wireless printing to their iPads, but it’s still months away, and by then, the Galaxy Tab might even be running Gingerbread!


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  1. I cannot get my new galaxy note 10.1 to recognize my hp printer. The error msg says it will only connect to a samsung printer.

  2. Since I could not get my Samsung Galaxy Tablet to recognize my Lexmark wireless printer, I installed an app from the app market called:  PRINTER SHARE! Printer Share costs less than $5.00 and it will let you print wirelessley using ANY PRINTER from your Android Tablet. I have been using the PRINTER SHAR app and it works perfectly!

    Rick D.

  3. I actually got the message ‘Can only print to Samsung printer’. That takes open system 10 steps back.

  4. just because the Galaxy tab won’t detect your / a printer???…should test device out …then if you don’t like it bring it back to the store within 15 days …get your money back..( doit all the time here in Canada…the stores must see you coming…lmao

  5. It cannot find our HP Officejet 8500. HUGE design flaw … or do the expect this to drive the Samsung printer market? I tried Samsung support … after asking me if my wireless network was turned on … they suggested the third party app cypria — which of course, doesn’t work on the HP 8500 either.

  6. Very – Very misleading as the Galaxy Tab will only “find” a very, very few printers over wifi and then they are Samsung printers.

    I have tried Epson – 5 printer models – Kodak – 2 printer models – Brother – 1 printer model – Lexmark – 4 printer model and NONE, repeat NONE have printed from my Galaxy Tab.

    Looks like the Tab will be going onto eBay just like the iPad did.

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