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Validation of the “Facebook phone” rumors?

The smartphone community was set ablaze last week at the news that Facebook was working on their own phone, instead of working to better the apps they deploy across every smartphone platform. The initial rumors were ignored by most here at The Droid Guy, mostly due to the response our own Elijah Ketchum got from the VP of Facebook’s mobile development bearing positive remarks regarding the next update to Facebook for Android. Now, it seems we may have been presumptuous to ignore such rumors, as Bloomberg has now obtained sources confirming the original story – with some slight adjustments of course.

Bloomberg’s report cites “unnamed sources” that claim that the “Facebook phone”, and Android powered pair of handsets with significant focus on deep integration with Facebook. Due out mid 2011, the source continues to describe a QWERTY style phone, as well as one with similar design to full screen touch phones. The speculated price is $100, and there is currently no speculation as to carrier choice. Naturally, Facebook continues to deny any claims that the phone is even in the works, and that they are deeply focused on improving their apps for the various smartphone platforms.

Facebook’s denial certainly rings closer to our own conversations with them, but it’s not the first time we have seen companies shout one way and run another. I hope we see more solid details on this in the days to come, but in the mean time, does a phone like this interest you?


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  1. NO! why have a device with DEEP facebook integration? I guess if your 14 or one of those freshman college girls that has a device surgically installed into the palm of her hand. I suppose there is a demographic for that. But the apps for android and I guess iphone are as integrated as necessary. I see this phone being a combo of facebook UI with google buzz like always on live location with 4square auto checkins w/geo tagging and auto photo upload and all the personalized/localized ads one could wish for!
    I’ll stick with my already invasive but amazing android

  2. The Facebook app still sucks hard compared to the iphone app.
    no push messages and no integrated chat.. (why?)
    and you can’t even delete the last message… (only on the real page)(why??)
    only htc Sense facebook integration makes any sense…
    So a facebook android phone wouldn’t be a bad thing. I certainly wouldn’t buy it, though…

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