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Sprint's Samsung Epic is well Epic and Booked up!

The Android Community waited with baited breath for Sprint to announce the launch of the Sprint  Samsung Epic 4G, A Galaxy S phone. Sprint announced the Epic 4G would be available in stores beginning on August 31st and pre-orders/reservations started this past weekend, well here we are Tuesday with 13 days to go and the orders have already been filled!

The Sprint Samsung Epic 4 G, is the 3rd in the Galaxy S line up to be released in the United States, we are still waiting for the Verizon Samsung Fascinate to announce  a street date.  The Epic 4G is the only Galaxy S phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard, back and front facing cameras, LED Flash, and the ability to use the Sprint 4G (Wimax) network.

It’s no wonder that the reservations were sold out in just 5 days.

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