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My Top 5 Apps of the week

The Droid guy publishes his top 5 apps for the week…

– Twicca I like apps and things with funny names, I love Wacka Flocka Flame… As for twitter though, Twicca is definitely a winner. I don’t think it will run on lower numbered versions of Android but I have it on my Droid (not my hero, cliq or MT3G) and it’s got a lot of features I like, it’s fast and allows you to Native RT or Quote RT which is big for me.

– Blogaway There are a few blogger blog apps that ive tried and didn’t like I felt like I was jumping through hoops just to post a blog entry. Blogaway allows multiple blogger accounts, publishing is a cinch and it feels like a solid app.

– Dolphin Browser it’s feature packed I mean feature packed check out the zoom and the dashboard by hitting your menu key and then the down arrow you have Shar Page, Home Page, Find on Page, Downloads, Read Later, Subscribe RSS, Select Text, Compact Page, Gesture, Settings and Exit in nice says easy to use buttons.. .This is defniitely a keeper and reccomended to everyone.

– Service Tattler, I’ve loved this thing since I started on the Beta testing it gives you real life style service ratings and a fun way of reviewing service. It also allows you to leave negative feedback too which is good and handy! Based on your service experience it helps you calculate your tip based on the service star rating and leave a narrative. The newest version allows you to check in on foursquare at the same time…

– Cause World… It’s kind of like foursquare but with a positive twist. Causeworld finds your location and then if you go in and check in at a location you get karma points, karma points money donated to great causes check it out in the app market and follow @causeworld on twitter.

So there you have it my 5 apps of the week if you cared…

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